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Are Tea Bags Safe To Use On Your Eyes?

For so many across the globe, with the wonderful benefits of each brew and the soothing sensation that come with each sip, any time becomes the perfect time for a quality cup of tea. But while tea is a much- loved drink, consumed daily by millions around the world, the history and benefits of tea go beyond your morning brew.

From cooking to gardening, cleaning and even painting, there are so many uses for tea. And whether you saw it in a movie, in a blog from your favourite magazine or it was a suggestion from a friend, there’s one use for tea you’ve probably come across - using tea bags on your eyes. Using tea bags for dark circles under eyes or to relieve puffiness is an old beauty remedy that many swear by, while others are uncertain about whether it’s safe to do.

While the answer is yes, tea bags are safe to use on your eyes, knowing the best ways to use them to get the most benefits can still be confusing. If you’ve been considering using tea bags to restore the skin around your eyes, read on as we discuss the benefits and best ways to use tea bags on your eyes.

The Advantages of Using Tea Bags for Your Eyes

With the many types of tea that exist, it’s no surprise that there are just as many benefits to be enjoyed from drinking tea. To achieve a particular benefit from your brew though, you would need to ensure that you drink the tea type that offers those specific benefits. When it comes to what tea bags to use for your eyes, different teas can help your eyes in different ways, but generally, any type of tea bag will do.

Some of the most common benefits that using tea bags on your eyes can deliver include:

  • Reducing puffiness around the eyes

  • Reducing dark circles around the eyes

  • Reducing inflammation around the eyes

  • Helping to relieve dry eyes

  • Helping to relieve pink eye

With so many potential benefits, turning your tea bags into warm or cold compresses is a great way to get even more benefits from your favourite tea.

How to Use Tea Bags for Your Eyes

If you want to try using tea bags for eye swelling or you’re wondering how to use tea bags for eye bags, there are two main ways to do it - using the tea bags as either a warm or cold compress.

To transform your tea bags into compresses for your eyes, first steep two tea bags in hot water the same way you would if you were making a cup of tea to drink. Then squeeze out all the liquid from the tea bags.

For a warm compress:

  • Leave the tea bags to cool down slightly until they are warm, then they will be ready for use For a cold compress:

  • Cool the tea bags in the fridge for about 10 to 15 minutes, then they will be ready for use

Once your tea bags are chilled or have cooled down to warm, you can place them over closed eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. Remember though, your eyes are sensitive so be cautious when practising this remedy and make sure to never place hot tea bags on your eyes, and if any irritation occurs, stop using the tea bags.

Types of Tea Bags to Use for Your Eyes

A lot of the benefits of using tea bags on your eyes are thanks to the cold or warm compresses helping to soothe puffiness, inflammation and other types of eye irritation. Which is why you can use any tea you like when doing this home remedy. But, because certain teas like black and green tea contain polyphenols, caffeine, antioxidants and other minerals, some suggest that these are the best types to use on your eyes.

So when it comes to the best black tea bags for eyes, we’d recommend using none other than Joko tea’s quality tea bags. Joko tea bags are some of the few round tea bags around, making them ideal to use on your eyes. Some of the benefits associated with using black tea bags include reducing swelling and dark circles around the eyes. So the next time you’re shopping for your favourite black tea - Joko - consider getting the bigger box so that you always have a delightful, quality cup of Joko tea to treat yourself with after treating your eyes.

With these tips, indulge in some self-care and enjoy the other benefits a quality tea can bring when you give this home remedy a try. Just make sure you wrap up your self-care session with a cup of Joko tea and enjoy the benefits of our quality brew!