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How to Brew a Strong Cup of Tea image

Here's How To Brew A Strong Cup Of Tea

Whether it’s a delightful, fresh brew of your favourite tea blend to start your day off or sitting down to unwind by sipping on a cuppa, a strong cup of tea is perfect for every occasion. But getting the taste of your cup of tea to that perfect strength can be a bit tricky.

Tea: More than Just a Beverage

There are a lot of elements that go into making a strong cup of tea , which is why many ask, ‘how can I make my tea taste stronger?’ or how to make a strong cup of tea? Well, Joko - the tea of strength - has come up with a few tips to help you brew a strong cup of tea, every time. Read on!

The Basics of Brewing a Strong Cuppa

For tea lovers and occasional tea-drinkers alike, getting tea to taste just right requires a lot of trial and error for a cup of tea that’s, well, your cup of tea. What makes getting your brew just right so tricky is that the quality of your tea is dependent on a few factors:

  • The Water

  • Your Choice of Tea

  • Amount of Tea

  • The Brewing Temperature and Time

Let’s unpack.

1. The Key Role of Water in Brewing a Strong Tea

When making that perfect cup of tea, the type and quality of water you use is really important. Why? Because tea loves oxygen. The more oxygen there is in the water, the tastier your cup of tea will be because oxygen helps tea to infuse properly, helping it to release the full flavour of the tea leaves.

If water sits in the pipes too long or is re-boiled, it loses oxygen. So to make the perfect cup of strong tea, always use fresh, cold water when possible as this is when it has the most oxygen. When using tap water, let the water run for a few seconds until it’s quite cold, to ensure the water is aerated.

2. Your Choice of Tea

To make a strong cup of tea, the tea you choose to use has to be of the highest quality - like Joko tea is. Made from a masterful blend of a careful selection of tea leaves from the finest tea gardens across Africa, Joko has been able to deliver a strong, rich, full-flavoured cup of tea, every time. So, to create a strong, delicious cup of black tea , try Joko.

3.The Right Measure: How Much Tea is Enough?

The amount of tea and the type of tea you use to make your brew are also very important when trying to create a strong cuppa. In terms of the amount, generally, one to two teaspoons of tea leaves is used per cup of tea, or one tea bag is used per cup. If you use certain tea leaves like chamomile, you may need to add an extra teaspoon to give your cup of tea a stronger taste. With tea bags, to create a stronger flavour, you can use two tea bags instead of one. Increasing the amount of tea you use is ideal for a strong and tasty cup because if you try to use a longer brewing time instead, the tea may taste bitter. 

4. Brewing Time: A Crucial Ingredient for Strong Tea

The last factor in creating a flavourful cuppa is the amount of brewing time you allow. Generally, the more time you let the tea brew for, the stronger the flavour becomes. But with certain teas, brewing for too long can lead to the tea becoming bitter in taste. With Joko black tea, for example, you would brew the tea for about 3-5 minutes to achieve a rich, flavourful, and strong cup of tea. If it’s not to your desired taste, try adjusting either the brewing time or the amount of tea you use until you achieve a flavour that’s your cup of tea!

So, to create a strong cup of black tea, following the brewing guidelines on the packaging is a great starting point. Then, if the cup of tea is not strong enough for you, follow the tips above. Use fresh, cold water, a good quality tea, and then adjust your tea brewing times and amounts until you achieve a strong cup of tea to your liking. With these tips, you can enjoy your own strong cup of tea today!


How does the quality of tea impact the strength of my brew?

The quality of tea has a significant impact on the strength of your brew. High-quality teas, like Joko, are crafted from a careful selection of tea leaves from some of the finest tea gardens. This means they can deliver a strong, rich, and full-flavoured cup of tea.

Why is brewing temperature and time important in making a strong cup of tea?

The brewing temperature and time are important because they influence how well the flavours and strength of the tea are extracted from the tea leaves. Generally, the more time you allow for the tea to brew, the stronger the flavor becomes. However, if certain teas are brewed for too long, they can become bitter.

Can I use more than one tea bag to make my tea stronger?

Yes, you can use more than one tea bag to make your tea stronger. This increases the amount of tea you're infusing, which can create a stronger flavour. However, be careful not to over-brew as it can lead to bitterness.

What should I adjust if my tea becomes bitter when trying to make it stronger?

If your tea becomes bitter when trying to make it stronger, you may need to adjust the brewing time. Bitterness often results from over-brewing. You could also try reducing the amount of tea you're using or lowering the brewing temperature.

What kind of water is best for brewing a strong cup of tea?

The kind of water best for brewing a strong cup of tea is fresh, cold water. This is because cold water has the most oxygen which is important for tea infusion and for the tea leaves to release their full flavor.