The Ultimate Tea Brewing Guidee image
The Ultimate Tea Brewing Guidee image

Tea - Perfect For Any Time Of Day

We’ve all heard it at least once in our lives, that age-old saying that any time is tea time. The main reason this saying is so popular across the globe is because, well, it’s true. There are few beverages that are as versatile, refreshing, good for you, absolutely delicious and perfect for any time of the day, as tea is.

And over the years, tea has evolved to provide a wide variety of bold, rich flavours and types to suit any time of day and anybody’s taste. Whether it’s a warming cuppa in the wintertime or a refreshing iced brew to get you through the summer heat, there’s nothing that can quite beat the delight that comes with a quality cup of tea.

Inspired by the superb quality of tea leaves available in Southern Africa, and a desire to develop a rich, bold tea that’s strong enough to give you a lift when you need it the most, Joko was crafted. A masterful blend of the finest tea leaves to create a strong tea that delivers delicious bold flavour so that with Joko, any time is the perfect time for tea. Read on as we unpack, just how tea became the perfect anytime beverage.

A Brief History Of Tea

This ancient beverage is steeped in a history as rich as the flavourful brew each cuppa brings. It is believed, though, that the history of tea begins thousands of years ago when it was discovered in China. Legend has it that the emperor at the time while sitting beneath a tree as some water was being prepared for drinking, noticed some leaves fall inside the boiling water. The emperor then decided to taste the infusion, which we now know and love as tea. Fast forward several centuries and tea has become a treat enjoyed across cultures and continents, around the clock.

A Tea To Give You A Lift When You Need It The Most

Nowadays, tea is such an important part of so many cultures that in certain societies' office tea times are commonplace and sometimes even the centre-point of certain gatherings such as high tea and tea parties.

So, when it comes to answering, what time is tea time or when is the best time to drink tea, the answer is any time is the perfect time to cosy up with a strong cup of Joko! Joko - the tea of strength - will always give you a lift when you need it the most, making it perfect to have any time, any day. Whether it’s a brew to give you a boost to start your day, a cuppa to keep you going at the office, or soothing sips as you wind down after a long day, Joko ensures that truly anytime is tea time.