Purpose History Lipton Teastory image
Purpose History Lipton Teastory image

The Different Types Of Tea Bags

For the person on the go to those that simply enjoy some extra convenience, tea bags are such a convenient and easy way to consume, package and store tea leaves. Which is the reason why they are so widely used across the world. While tea bags are used by millions worldwide, few people know how these little pockets, packed with teas we know and love, came about or why we have so many different types of tea bags.

If you’re curious about how tea bags came about or wondering which tea bag is the best for a quality cuppa, read on as we unpack the history and present of this unique tea packaging.

The Origins of Tea Bags

When it comes to tea bags, few people know that they were actually created by mistake. Around the beginning of the 20th century, according to tea legend, a tea merchant named Thomas Sullivan was looking for ways to cut costs when sending his loose leaf tea samples. Instead of using the usual metal tins to send his tea samples, Sullivan sent out his tea samples packaged in a hand-sewn silk muslin bag.

When his customers received the tea samples, they assumed the silk bags were a way to infuse the tea. Once they dipped the bags in water, they were so delighted with how easy it was to brew the tea that they made bulk orders of Sullivan’s tea bags, and the tea bag was born. Since then, tea bags have evolved over the years, which is why today you can find several different types of tea bags, each with its unique benefits.

The Most Common Types of Tea Bags

From its days as a little hand-sewn silk bag, tea bags have truly evolved so that today you can find tea bags made from a number of different materials and in a wide variety of shapes. The materials used and the shape of the tea bag all influence the way the tea infuses and the strength of your cuppa. There are a few different materials that are commonly used for creating tea bags which include filter paper, muslin and plastic. Tea bags made from filter paper are some of the most common types of tea bags used while plastic tea bags are some of the least popular types of tea bags. Most tea bags, regardless of the type of material used, are sealed with heat sealing.

When it comes to the different types of tea bag shapes, some of the most popular types include pyramid tea bags, square or rectangular tea bags and round tea bags. While iced tea bags and cold brew tea bags are bag types that have joined the market in more recent years. The shape of the tea bag can determine how much room the tea leaves have to move around, which can allow for a stronger and more flavourful brew.

The Perfect Tea Bags for Any Occasion

At Joko, our quality black tea is packaged in round, filter paper tea bags to deliver the strong, bold flavour of Joko with every brew. The type of paper our tea bags are made with was specially selected because of the high number of pores the paper has. This enables the tea leaves to better infuse so that you can enjoy a strong, rich cup of quality black tea with every sip, to give you a boost of strength when you need it most. The round shape of our tea bags makes them ideal size for popping into your favourite mug or tea cup and perfect for any occasion.

So the next time you have a family get-together or even if you’re just enjoying a soothing cuppa alone at home, serve up some Joko tea knowing that you’re drinking a carefully crafted, superior quality black tea.