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Food & Tea Pairing Guide image

Your Simple Food And Tea Pairing Guide

Whether it’s a refreshing glass of iced tea paired with a hot summer’s day, or something as simple as combining peanut butter and jam for a tasty afternoon treat - in life, some things just go better together. And of all of life’s great pairings, pairing food and tea is one of the best.

Most of us are familiar with pairing food and wine. Different wines are made up of different layers of robust flavours that bring out the best of the dish they’re paired with, just like certain foods highlight certain flavours in a wine. When pairing food and tea it’s no different as the rich flavours of both the food and tea come together to enhance not only the dish but the drink too, for a delicious treat.

With such a wide variety of tea flavours to choose from - lavender, ginger, oolong - and different tea types - loose leaf and a tea bag - you are always sure to find the perfect food and tea pairing. But to help you find the perfect match to your matcha, or simply to bring out the bold flavours of your black tea, we’re giving you a brief guide to help you uncover what foods pair well with tea. Read on!

Tips for Pairing Food and Tea

Whether it’s afternoon tea and food pairings you’re trying out or pairing your dinner dishes with a tasty tea is what you’re into, pairing your foods with tea is a delicious way to impress any guests. You may be familiar with how certain wines pair better with certain foods, like how red wine usually goes with red meat and rich foods. What’s important when it comes to pairing your meals with a drink is ensuring that your pairings don’t overpower each other, and it’s no different with food and tea pairings.

For example, the light, delicate flavours of a white tea would easily be overpowered if paired with a strong-flavoured dish like a curry. So, to bring out the flavours of your white tea, pairing it with a light snack like cucumber sandwiches would be ideal. If it’s a little confusing, don’t worry, because we’ve created a list of 3 of the most popular teas, and foods you can pair them with, to help you become a tea and food pairing pro. Let’s explore the ways in which you can unlock and enhance the delightful flavours of your food and tea.

Black teas - Black teas are full of bold and robust flavours. So a strong black tea like Joko would best be paired with a dish that’s rich and robust so that the flavours of the food or tea don’t dominate each other. So for a delicious dinner with black tea, pair your tea with rich dishes like a creamy lasagna or roast lamb or beef.

Green teas – Green teas tend to have a more earthy and vegetative flavour, so this tea is best paired with mild, veggie-forward meals. So try pairing your cup of green tea with a mild green curry, salads or mildly-flavoured foods like a light chicken dish or a mild stir fry.

White teas – We’ve discussed how white teas have a more subtle flavour, so you should avoid pairing it with anything too strong or rich that will overpower the delicate white tea flavour. So the best foods to pair white teas with are mildly-flavoured ones like sea bass or a cheese board. White teas also pair well with light desserts, so if you’ve been wondering what dessert goes well with tea, a fruit tart or light flaky pastry complements white tea perfectly. Alternatively, you could try sipping on some white tea as a palate cleanser before you indulge.

When you get your food and tea pairing just right, it brings out the rich and robust or light and gentle flavours of both your meal and tea in the most delicious way. So go ahead and give food and tea pairing a try to unlock a world of amazing flavours.