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End their silence
The only way we can stop the cycle of domestic violence, is to come together and end the silence.

This is a safe space for you to discover how to do that. Your way.

Ending Their Silence

  • If you witness behaviour that you believe is violent or abusive, call the police anonymously or tell a community leader.
  • Educate yourself and inform other people about women abuse. You can do this by arranging a talk at your church or local community group.
  • Listen to, and believe, women who confide in you; ask her how you can help and what she needs to feel safer
  • Don’t pressure or ask blaming questions to an abused woman.Remember that leaving or pursuing a protection can increase the threat of injury or death
  • Respect that any information an abused woman gives you is confidential
  • Support the survivor in all ways possible but listen to what they want. Reporting anything needs their consent
  • Support the right of all women to live in safety.

2019 POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse),

2019 Women Against Abuse;