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Thank you for caring. Thank you for visiting this website. Whether it is to learn more about domestic violence, buy Joko tea to help donate to POWA or simply to leave encouraging messages for women who need it, we salute you. You are the true hero of #EndDomesticSilence.

As the tea of strength, Joko wants to help our nation’s women use their strength to speak out. You can help someone have that first difficult conversation.

We’ve partnered with POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse), a South African NGO that advocates for women’s rights and also provides services such as shelter, counselling and legal advice for victims of abuse. 60,000 women and children are victims of domestic violence in South Africa, together we hope to fight the scourge of gender-based violence.** 

** 2015, World health Organisation

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Joko is donating R1 from this pack to POWA to help create safe spaces where victims of domestic abuse can end the silence, and end the violence.